About Us

Louisiana BombSquad is a 501(c)(3) 7-on-7 football organization with teams located in the Lafayette and Shreveport, LA areas. In its second season, Louisiana BombSquad is dedicated to serving emerging athletes across the state through competition and training. Our organization prepares athletes and families academically and athletically with details about the recruiting process, ACT/SAT testing information, as well as football camps, combines, and school visits.

Our Mission


We are driven to teach our players vaulable like skills that apply on and off the field.


Our coaches constantly strive to build our young athletes into positive role models.


Our organization’s recruiting database puts our athletes in front of their dream schools.

Coaching Staff


My name is Michael Wiltz. When I founded the BombSquad in 2017, I had the vision of developing young men into resposible and talented athletes.

Michael Wiltz


Jerome is currently coaching at St. Martinville High School and is entering his second season with the BombSquad. His goal is to properly prepare our athletes to become role models in their communities.

Jerome Wiltz

BombSquad South Head Coach

Mark Cambre is in his second season with the Bombsquad. He has six years of coaching experience from Cathedral Carmel School in Lafayette and the Lafayette Swampcats Select Football Team.

Mark Cambre

BombSquad South Coach

Mandel Williams is in his eighth year of coaching football and basketball.  He devotes his heart and time to the success of his athletes.  With that being said, his teams went to the championship 5 times for basketball and 2 times for football.

Mandel Williams

Middle School Head Coach

Team Trainer

David Hutchinson

Team Trainer

The BombSquad Standard

Louisiana Boom Athletics identified two national initiatives that, through our advocacy, will demonstrate our commitment to having a positive impact on our athletes and on our communities. Our first initiative is to focus on the health and well-being of our athletes. Our second initiative is our pursuit of academic excellence. In response to the U.S. goal to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020, Louisiana Boom Athletics parents and athletes pledge to maintain high standards of learning. Our athletes are required to report quarterly on their progress in school and are not allowed to participate in organized events if they fall below the team standard of 3.0.

Proud BombSquad Partners